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Network Monitoring Market for 2022




Network monitoring is a critical part of managing network health, especially in enterprises where highly sensitive data and devices live across large-scale networks. 

The network monitoring market continues to grow and diversify, as companies of different sizes, industries, and goals look to these tools for greater network transparency.

Read on to learn what the network monitoring market looks like and how it’s changing to meet new client needs:

A Closer Look at the Network Monitoring Market

Network monitoring market

Network monitoring features

Benefits of network monitoring

Network monitoring use cases

Network monitoring providers

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Network monitoring market

The network monitoring market reached about $2 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach $5 billion by 2026, according to a report by Global Market Insights

The expansion and changing landscape of enterprise networks drives larger companies to find tools that automate and simplify their network insights. Especially for organizations that are managing several types of networking devices and solutions — such as the Internet of Things (IoT), private 5G — and mobile networking through bring your own device (BYOD) policies, it’s become crucial for leaders to find tools that make key network metrics immediately actionable for network administrators.

The number of enterprise network monitoring tools is expected to continue its growth trajectory, especially with widely available free and open-source solutions on the market.

Network monitoring features

Auto-discovery: One of the most important features of network monitoring tools is discovery. This feature automates the process of logging and updating information on different devices, users, and other network components.
Packet capturing and automated data analysis: Packet capturing makes it possible for companies to track network traffic history, users, problems, and a variety of other metrics related to network performance.
Data visualization and mapping: It’s important for professionals with varying levels of technical expertise to understand high-level network metrics. Data visualization and network mapping simplify data into visual aids for all users to comprehend.
Event logging: Beyond major issues within the network, monitoring tools should keep a record, or an event log, that network administrators can refer to when they’re solving a problem.
Alerting system: When network monitoring software discovers a problem on the network, the tool should be set up to provide alerts to the team members who can resolve the issue quickly.
Reporting: Many times, network administrators will need to report on the problems they found and solved on the network, along with other metrics. Network monitoring tools often offer native reporting to make this process simpler.

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Benefits of network monitoring

Improved network visibility

With data visualization and dashboards, network monitoring tools are designed to improve network visibility. This is especially necessary for network administrators who manage growing and diversifying networks.

Proactive planning

Networking teams can’t always plan for outages or network issues, but they can sometimes prevent them if they see the signs soon enough. Network monitoring tools work to help identify small problems before they turn into network-wide outages.

Time saved for network administrators

When certain network management tasks can be automated, it saves time for the experts who deal with network troubleshooting and management on a daily basis. Their time is now optimized, so they can focus on higher-value network needs.

Network security management

Network security can be cumbersome and expensive to manage. Automated alerts, event logging, and compliance-driven features in network monitoring tools all work together to improve network security.

Data democratization

Not everyone is a data expert. Network monitoring tools frequently include helpful data visualizations and graphs, so team members of all backgrounds can understand what networking work needs to be done.

Historical data

Network monitoring tools collect network performance data constantly over extended periods of time. The data collected can be invaluable when tracking performance trends and network improvement needs over time.

More on data democratization: Data Democratization Trends

Network monitoring use cases

Network monitoring is broadly used to monitor the activity and components of a network. But given that every network is used by different industries with different goals, network monitoring tools are designed to meet a wide variety of network visibility needs. The following pair of users found network monitoring use cases within the retail and services industries:

“We have found this product to be very accurate and insightful. The interface is clear and has a lot of necessary detail. The entire team utilizes this tool to keep our network operating as efficiently and effectively as possible. … We needed better visibility into our global network. We have a 24-hour operation, and our help desk agents needed the ability to easily monitor the network through a simple dashboard. We also needed tools to look in-depth at networking issues that occurred.” – VP of information technology in the retail industry, review of SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor at Gartner Peer Insights

“I have been using this product for the last 5 years, and we are worry-free because of ManageEngine OP manager. We are covering all our data center devices, network, services, and URLs for monitoring. Alerting is very accurate and on time. Reporting and scheduled reports help in planning resource capacity. Documentation is very useful and easy management of the console makes it user-friendly. … Being a sysadmin, I love this tool; it’s a third eye for sysadmins to monitor all infra-resources.” – Senior sysadmin in the services industry, review of ManageEngine OpManager at Gartner Peer Insights

Network monitoring providers

These are some of the top companies in the networking monitoring market, including both closed-source and open-source options:




Pandora FMS

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GEM Helps Residents of Miami Gardens Apartments Destroyed in Fire Amid Investigation




A South Florida nonprofit is lending a helping hand to the nearly 200 people left without a home after a fire destroyed dozens of units at a Miami Gardens apartment building.

7News cameras captured fire marshals with Miami-Dade Fire Rescue inspecting the remains of one of the units at the New World Condominium Apartments that was razed, as they tried to determine what sparked the flames.

Also on hand were volunteers with Global Empowerment Mission.

“We’ve got towels, blankets, pillows and some cash cars to provide their immediate needs,” said Kimberly Bentley’s, GEM’s Director of Field Missions.

Saturday morning, Miami Gardens Police and more than 40 MDFR units responded to the scene of the blaze along the 39500 block of Northwest 177th Street.

“We’re getting numerous calls of people panicking in the building, unknown where the smoke or fire is coming from,” said a dispatcher in radio transmissions.

The flames ripped through 75 apartments and caused part of the roof to collapse, officials said.

“My wife was here. I was at my job,” said a resident who identified himself as Antonio.

Dozens of families were forced out with nothing but the clothes on their back. The building has since been deemed uninhabitable.

Antonio said he has not been able to return to his unit to grab what he can.

“I have to speak with somebody to get us something, I don’t know,” he said.

Antonio was among dozens of residents who returned on Sunday to see what they could salvage as they try and restart.

“Very, very difficult. I need to move, I need tomorrow to find an apartment for rent. Very difficult time,” said Antonio.

Cameras captured Bentley and others with GEM as they took out boxes of supplies out of a truck.

Residents who showed up said they’re happy and thankful, and they acknowledged that the outcome could have been a lot worse.

Fire officials said they suspect roof repairs taking place at the building may have sparked the fire, but the official cause remains under investigation.

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‘Dangerous’ Arctic Air Returns Across Northern Plains, Upper Midwest After Month-long Hiatus




(CNN) — What has been a mild start to 2023 came crashing to a halt this weekend as winter makes a roaring comeback across the Northern Plains and Upper Midwest.

Minneapolis residents have seen a mild January so far — at least by their standards — with temperatures failing to fall below zero this month and averaging about 7 degrees above normal.

“Dangerously cold temperatures and wind chills are forecast across the Northern Plains and Upper Midwest through early next week,” the Climate Prediction Center said. “Expect much below normal temperatures across the central/northern Plains to interior portions of the Pacific Northwest for the weekend into early next week.”

High temperatures will be in the single digits or even subzero range across much of the northern tier of the United States — between 25 to 40 degrees below normal. Overnight lows will be downright frigid, resulting in wind chill advisories being issued for portions of Minnesota, North Dakota, Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas and Montana.

“This would be the coldest weather since Christmas for this region, with locations from eastern Montana to northern Minnesota likely remaining below zero for highs Saturday through Monday, and perhaps into Tuesday,” the prediction center said.

These temperatures may come as a shock to many since most of January has been so mild. Chicago and Kansas City are both running more than 9 degrees above normal for the month, and Minneapolis and Oklahoma City are running at least 6 degrees above normal for January.

The dramatic shift from mild temperatures to bitter cold may catch people off guard.

Bozeman, Montana, for example, will go from a high of 33 degrees on Friday to a high of -3 on Sunday — with more than 40 straight hours below zero. Minneapolis will see a high of 33 degrees Friday plummet to a high of 3 degrees Monday. St. Louis will remain milder on Saturday, with a high temperature of 56. On Sunday, however, the high will fall to 36 degrees and eventually reach a low of 16 degrees Monday night.

Western cities will also witness dramatic drops. Denver will go from a high of 30 degrees on Saturday to a high of 7 degrees on Monday.

Add some wind, snow and ice

Air temperatures are not the only concern this weekend. Across much of the High Plains and Midwest, winds will be gusting 20 to 30 mph. While that may not seem very high, it doesn’t take much for frostbite to set in when the air temperature is already so cold.

“Wind chills could reach 40 below at times for these areas. Highs in the 0 to 10 degree range may extend as far south as northeast Colorado and northern Kansas,” the prediction center said.

At that range, exposed areas of skin can experience frostbite in just 10 to 15 minutes.

Another concern from that wind is its impact on snow storms. Blowing snow and reduced visibility will make travel difficult at times.

“The upper level wave train has another snow maker for us this weekend,” said the National Weather Service office in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. “There will be a good period of light to moderate snow for much of southern Wisconsin from midday Saturday through Saturday evening.”

Winter conditions started to affect travel in parts of the Midwest on Friday. A portion of Interstate 39/90 between the cities of Beloit and Janesville in Wisconsin was shut down due to an 85-car pileup Friday afternoon, according to the WIsconsin State Patrol.

At least 21 people were taken to area hospitals for non-life-threatening injuries, police said.

From Saturday into Sunday, snow is expected to spread from the Cascades to the Rockies and into the Great Lakes region. Winter weather advisories and winter storm warnings are in place for over 18 million people.

Generally speaking, in southern Wisconsin, northern Illinois and much of Iowa there will be 2 to 4 inches of snow, though these quick but intense snow burst events make it difficult to pinpoint who will see the highest snowfall amounts.

“An additional narrow swath of 4-6″ of snow, with locally higher totals, is forecast from northern Iowa through Lower Michigan by early Sunday,” the prediction center said.

While snow will be predominant a little farther south, along the Iowa/Missouri border, according to the National Weather Service office in Des Moines, the office warns that it will be possible to see “a brief period of freezing drizzle and very light glazing of ice Saturday afternoon.”

Snow will also fall this weekend across the Intermountain West. Most areas of Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Colorado and northern Utah will see light to moderate snow through Monday. However, the heaviest snow will occur in the higher elevations of Wyoming and Colorado where multiple feet of snow are possible.

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AP Source: Dolphins Hire Vic Fangio As Defensive Coordinator




(AP) — The Miami Dolphins have reached a deal with former Denver Broncos coach Vic Fangio to become their defensive coordinator, a person familiar with the hire told The Associated Press on Sunday.

The person spoke to The AP on condition of anonymity because the deal has not been finalized.

Fangio, who had been one of the most sought-after defensive coordinator candidates this offseason, was Denver’s head coach from 2019-21, going 19-30.

The Dolphins fired defensive coordinator Josh Boyer after three seasons with the team.

Miami finished the season ranked 18th in total defense, 27th in passing defense and tied for 24th on third downs as the team dealt with various injuries.

The 64-year-old Fangio, a respected defensive mind, figures to mesh well with Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel and the talent Miami has on defense.

Defensive tackle Christian Wilkins had a career year, totaling 98 tackles. Linebacker Jaelan Phillips and rookie cornerback Kader Kohou both had standout seasons.

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